So, you want to share a moment — AND you want that moment to be musical.

MSTY provides the best of both worlds (or several worlds, really!), combining photos, music and texting all together into one social sharing service. We've been trying out the new app (available on iTunes) for the past few weeks, and we've been absolutely obsessed ever since.

Seriously, check out all gallery of MSTYs we've sent so far already up top.

How do you make a MSTY? It's really straightforward: You select a song from their library (which features everything from brand new hits — Justin Bieber's "Sorry," anyone? — to holiday classics), select a photo (they've got tons of hilarious, dorky memes to choose from, or you just take a photo from IRL) and then add some text to the MSTY. Send it to a friend in your contact book, and that's it! You'll know when they receive the message, and you guys can keep chatting and sharing MSTYs back and forth right in the app.

Now, we want to chat with you guys! We set up our very own PopCrush MSTY, and we'd love to hear from you. Best of all? We're giving away a $50 gift card to Amazon to one lucky reader who sends us a MSTY.

Wanna chat with us?

1.) Download MSTY in the App Store.
2.) Log in using your phone number.
3.) Choose your song, background and message.
4.) Send your MSTY to PopCrush at this number: (646) 926-POP1

That's it! We'll see your MSTY and then hit you up with one of our own!

Check out all the MSTYs we've made so far up top. We'll be adding more as we get them from you. And remember: Have fun with it!