Kid Cudi and Lady Gaga must have never gotten the memo that the Nokia Theater in LA is a non-smoking facility. According to an article from TMZ, despite the fact that both musicians were seen puffing away, only one of these celebs was asked to knock it off last night.

Gaga entered the MTV Video Music Awards as her tweaked-out male alter ego Jo Calderone, and she proceeded to smoke what looked like an entire pack of cigarettes during her time at the ceremony. We were honestly wondering how she wasn't choking while simultaneously sucking smoke into her lungs and belting out 'You and I.' It's mind boggling.

Kid Cudi, who was seated not too far behind Gaga (aka Jo Calderone for the evening), must have thought lighting up was kosher round those parts, and he proceeded to spark up. However, officials at the event quickly went over to the rapper and asked him to quit it. A rep for the building spoke to TMZ, saying, "He was asked to put it out and he complied."