For its 30th season, MTV is spicing things up its long running 'The Real World' reality series. The network announced today, Oct. 20, that the show will be heading back to Chicago, Ill. for its next season titled 'The Real World: Skeletons.'

Each week, each house guest will have to come face-to-face with a person or persons from their past, and will be forced to deal with their proverbial "skeletons in the closet."

According to the show's official site, some of these conflicts include: "a cyber bully is confronted by her enemies; brothers who haven’t spoken in three years are suddenly face to face; a roommate is visited by her boss from hell; a secret baby mama is revealed with the birth only weeks away; a player has three of his hookups suddenly living in the house at the same time; a son is surprised by the father he’s never met; a roommate must revisit with the people she’s hurt after years of a drug addiction."

The network didn't announce a premiere date for the show yet, but promises that it will be "like no other."