Mudslide Crush from Disney's made-for-TV movie, 'Lemonade Mouth,' are letting everyone know who the bosses are in their song, 'Don't Ya Wish U Were Us?' In the movie, Mudslide Crush are the reigning musical kings of Mesa High School, and the formation of the band Lemonade Mouth (formed by five students who meet in detention) really threatens their social status.

The song 'Don't Ya Wish U Were Us?' features a mid-paced groovy, pop-rock beat as the singer of Mudslide Crush rap-sings about how awesome he and his bandmates are.

"You know we own this party / You know we run this town / I'm about to steal your girlfriend / I'm about to knock you down / Sorry but your train just left the station / Maybe you should try a permanent vacation," Mudslide Crush singer Ray Beech -- aka actor Chris Brochu -- mean-spiritedly sings to all of the wannabes in the first verse.

The guys from Mudslide Crush don't stop there though. They continue their tirade about how cool they are well into the chorus. This time, though, they will surely have you reluctantly singing along with the infectious hook. "Hey! What! Don't ya wish you were us?  / Hey! What! Don't ya wish you could rock? / You're M.I.A., we're B.I.B. / You're LOL, we're BIG / No one really likes you that much / Don't ya wish you were us," they sing during the chorus.

The movie 'Lemonade Crush' premieres on the Disney Channel on Friday, April 15 at 8PM EST. If you are looking to get familiar with the songs before the movie airs, head over to iTunes to download the 'Lemonade Mouth' soundtrack.

Listen to Mudslide Crush, 'Don't Ya Wish U Were Us?'