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It's Monday again. Ugh, right? Wrong! We can take the sting off that "case of the Mondays" with our latest edition of My Confessional Mondays with rising pop star Nikki Williams.

In this series of webisodes, which she shares exclusively with PopCrush readers, Williams gives us an intimate look into her life. This is Episode 3 and she's having a moment, missing her family, especially her mom, who we get to meet!

"I confess I miss my mommy so much. I wish I was on a couch and she was feeding me with her delicious home-cooked food," Williams bemoans.

While you might be all like "Boo hoo, call a wah-mbulance" and question why a pop star on the rise, chasing her dream, is complaining about the distance and the grind of the road, we can't blame her. Life on tour, both promotionally and performance-wise, is not as glamorous as it seems. Being away from friends and family is tough and pop stars yearn for creature comforts. They are human, after all, and Nikki Williams is not afraid to show off her humanity and her vulnerabilities. It only serves to make us like her more.

Williams continues to show off her sass as she hits Washington, D.C. on Mother's Day.

In one emotional and heartwarming scene, where Williams reunites with Mama Bear, we watch her run to and embrace the woman who birthed her. And suddenly, all is right with the world.

Two gorgeous twosome wears matching outfits and Williams' mood is instantly elevated by the presence of her mom. They ladies share a hotel room toast and mom offers her opinion on how the world works.

It was a pleasure to make her acquaintance, right?