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We've reached Episode 5 in our weekly My Confessional Monday webisode series with singer and hit songwriter Nikki Williams. This is the penultimate ep -- the final webisode runs next week -- and in it, Williams reveals her love of performing, because of the exchange of energy between herself and fans and her fellow performers.

"Let's be honest here, it's fun being the center of attention," she says about her desire to be on a stage, giving it her all. "I just want to prove to everyone that I can sing good."

That doesn't appear to be an issue, Nikki! We know you've got it, girl.

We're then treated to clips of Williams doing her thing on stage. She says she wants to swallow the energy of her fans and that of the people on the stage with her, creating the live experience right next to her.

Williams confesses that when she gets off stage after a performance, she's depressed. Her remedy? "So then I have to go and eat a steak somewhere, which usually helps," she says, with a sly grin.

Get to know Nikki Williams a little more intimately with this week's webisode and try not to tear up since this series ends next week! But it was a fun ride while it lasted, delving into the life and times of a pop diva. Five down, one more to go.