Naia Kete may be up all night wondering if she should have gone against her coach's advice and injected more reggae into Adele's 'Turning Tables' on Monday night's episode of 'The Voice.' Blake Shelton urged her to stick to the record to prove she's able to do more than just reggae.

"I hope that Blake's intuition is right," Kete said nervously before she took the stage.

Only Shelton and Christina Aguilera got a chance to react to Kete's soft, coffee shop style version of the hit song. It definitely captivated the audience, but it wasn't the sort of performance that brought the crowd to their feet. Aguilera struggled to find nice things to say about the Massachusetts native's decisions. She said she would have liked to hear more reggae.

Shelton pumped her back up. "Your tender moments are so special, that's why this room is so sucked in to what you're doing," he said. Kete, Shelton and viewers won't know until tomorrow night if the decision was the right one. Her wispy voice certainly stands out amongst her competition, but perhaps not enough to remain a member of the second season of 'The Voice.'

Watch Naia Kete Perform 'Turning Tables' on 'The Voice'