If you're a fan of Nash Grier and Jake Foushee's then you're in for the greatest news of your life. The YouTubers released a new video today (Feb. 12) that joins them together in the pursuit of delivering the news to their viewers. What exactly does that entail? Don't worry, we'll break it down for you.

According to Nash, he and Jake have decided to team up together to deliver a monthly news broadcast video to viewers, and today marks the release of their very first video. We assume it'll be a kind of satirical play on the news, akin to 'The Daily Show' (we're still in mourning over the loss of Jon Stewart, so bear with us while we continue to reference him incessantly) where the two of them deliver the news in a funny way.

Before launching into their very first episode, they decide to demonstrate their warm up routine, which consists of Nash saying a bunch of super exaggerated phrases. Once they get into the actual news portion of the episode, it's clear that the entire thing is meant to be some kind of spoof on actual news broadcasts. Nash talks about the 2015 Super Bowl, proclaiming it "one of the greatest games ever" and tries to give a serious recap of the game, but Jake interrupts to the point where it becomes fruitless. They go on to talk about the music industry, Josh eats a banana, they talk about Shawn Mendes -- in other words, it all kind of coalesces into a purposefully ridiculous video.

Check out the video posted above, and let us know what you think!