After a week without ‘Nashville,’ I was more than ready to get back into it. And this episode did not disappoint, although I could have done with a little bit less setting up for later scandal and a bit more, well, actual scandal. This is, after all, a primetime soap.

Layla, Will and Juliette are all on tour together and, of course, there’s drama. Layla’s set goes over into Juliette’s and Juliette is, unsurprisingly, epically pissed about it. Poor closeted Will, who’s in a fake relationship with Layla (although I can’t tell if Layla knows its fake or not) gets charmingly wasted and dances on a hotel bar while throwing back shots.

Adorable angsty teen Maddie is not as angsty this week: She just wants to take guitar lessons from her biodad, Deacon. Their guitar lesson is so cute and I have so many warm feelings about their burgeoning relationship.

Meanwhile, Avery and Zoey go to St. Louis to see Scarlett on tour…but Gunnar and Zoey’s relationship is still a secret, so it’s super awkward for them (although not as awkward as Scarlett and Avery’s hello kiss. God, who wanted to get these characters back together? Because it was not me!) Charlie Wentworth is back, too, this time with newly-minted divorce papers and another very earnest love confession for Juliette. He tells Juliette that she’s royalty and you know that ish is pure magic to the ears of a girl who grew up in a trailer park, even if she is wearing a heinous Western shirt while he charms her.

The Tandy-Lamar subplot that I don’t care one whit about continued, as well, with Tandy having second thoughts about effectively putting her dad in jail. Then there’s a hearing of some kind, and Tandy doesn’t show but Rayna does and Lamar is upset and SNOOZE.

Oh yeah, Rayna. She doesn’t get much to do this week, except witness Maddie play in a kid’s open mic (aww!) at a place called Two Old Hippies. Maddie asks Deacon to play with her and everyone is kind of shocked, but it’s a really beautiful duet and wow, I think there’s something in my eye. Sniff. Of course, Teddy gets super angry about Deacon even though the duet was clearly Maddie’s choice. The two dads almost fistfight on the street and it’s all very dramatic, including when Deacon asks his lawyer-lover about how to go about getting real, continued legal access to Maddie. Oh snap!

Juliette is in super bitch mode for most of this episode, which is undoubtedly the way I like her the best. She takes Layla’s place in in an onstage duet with Will and Layla reacts like someone crushed her prom corsage before her eyes.  The whole brouhaha gives us a great opportunity to see Will and Juliette bond while shit-talking Layla over drinks. I think Juliette might start to suspect that Will’s gay, too.

Scarlett and Zoey have a lovely BFF heart-to-heart in which we think Zoey is finally going to reveal that she’s banging her best friend’s ex boyfriend, but no dice. The inevitable reveal of Gunnar and Zoey’s relationship happens when Scarlett sees them kissing in a hotel room doorway. Ouch. Scarlett's life sucks right now, even if she is back together with the be-mulleted Avery.

Juliette has a shockingly mature talk with Charlie Wentworth where she lets him down and tells him to go back to his wife. I doubt that's the last we'll see of him, but you never know.

Everyone on tour heads back to Nashville, where Rayna, Deacon and Teddy are hashing it out over Maddy's two dads. Rayna just wants them to play nice and I think Deacon's on board, but Teddy goes behind Deacon's back to cancel Deacon's set in the upcoming music festival. Low blow!

Speaking of low blows, little miss Layla has decided to enact some serious revenge on Juliette. She dials up TMZ (I doubt they really have a "tip line" but hey this is fiction, right?) and lets the gossip site know that Juliette is the reason that Charlie Wentworth and his wife broke up.

Next week's previews show Juliette performing in front of "Home Wrecker" signs, so that should be fun. Oh, and someone apparently dies!