On last night's (Nov. 2) episode of 'SNL,' Nasim Pedrad played Heshy, a divorced, 44-year-old career week speaker -- an inspiring, motivational and inspiring figure who appears at a school assembly and who makes her points with serious hip shaking, sound effect and a gum-smacking, bootylicious assistant named Tammy, played by host Kerry Washington.

Whether Heshy's methods were effective remains to be seen!

The skit unfolded early in the ep and it was gut-bustingly funny, thanks to Pedrad's flawless execution of her Heshy's pelvic thrusting to the sounds of bullet noises, lasers and cash registers, cha-ching style.

Heshy is so motivational since she hails from a place in Yemen whose name translated to "City of Sewage Fires." The hip and hand movements, not to mention her high-waisted, polyester pants, and her antagonistic chemistry with gum-chomping Tammy, made her so memorable.

Self-confidence, computers and powers are the steps to success according to Heshy. Know it. Live it. Love it. As Heshy, who was just approved for an OK Cupid dating account, says, "Let's make success!"

The skit isn't getting as much morning after attention as others from the ep, but it was one of the very best. Here's to hoping we see Heshy again this season.