In an unorthodox move, it looks like Natalia Kills has changed her name to Teddy Sinclair.

The "Saturday Night" singer has changed her Twitter name to Teddy Sinclair, though her actual handle remains the same. And according to an Instagram account -- appropriately called whothehellisteddysinclair -- that many claim belongs to Sinclair, her husband was instrumental in the decision.

While the supposed Instagram account is currently set to private, screenshots of a post reveal her reasoning behind the change. She reportedly wrote (via Idolator), "Hey my darlings! A year ago when I got married to Willy Moon I took his last name (Sinclair). For a long time the friends and family closest to me have called me Teddy, and my husband decided it would be beautiful to spend the rest of my life with my most intimate name united with my new married name."

She went on, writing, "So for a year I have been Mrs Teddy Natalia Noemi Sinclair, and I've never felt so natural, honest and empowered... And finally I'm ready to invite you all to address me personally as I feel we are so close and I am so grateful for your support and love. I adore you all... Call me Teddy... Call me Natalia... Call me crazy. As long as you call."

This isn't the first time Sinclair's undergone a name change. Her very first single, "Don't Play Nice," was released under the moniker Verbalicious back in 2005, until she later settled on the stage name Natalia Kills.

Whether or not this is an attempt to distance herself from the backlash she and her husband received after their over-the-top comments aimed at an X Factor contestant during their stint as judges remains to be seen.