English singer/songwriter Natalia Kills sings about her love of money and fashion in the video for the fun pop song 'Free,' featuring will.i.am.

The video is shot almost entirely against a plain white background, yet manages to stay engaging and entertaining. The clip opens with Natalia sitting atop a television screen that shows will.i.am rapping his introductory verse about his desire to go shopping.

Kills displays as many hair and clothing changes as Lady Gaga and demonstrates the swagger of a hip-hop performer when she sings, "I could look fresh in a potato sack" and "Window shopping's overrated / If I see it I'mma take it." She dances on motorcycles, rolls around in a box full of cash, wields a chain saw, and holds an armful of money while her hair burns.

Mixed in with the images are short bursts of text that appear briefly, almost as if they're meant to be subliminal. The intentionally superficial messages include "You are what you wear," "Money is everything" and "You can buy happiness." Whether ironic or not, the video's spend-until-you're-broke attitude is a great tribute to the joys of excessive consumerism.

Natalia hasn't earned a major US hit yet on the pop chart, though 'Mirrors' did get to No. 3 on the Dance Club/Play survey. 'Free' appears on her album 'Perfectionist.'

Watch Natalia Kills' 'Free' Video Feat. will.i.am