What makes Natasha Bedingfield feel feminine? Here's a hint: It's not looking like Kate Moss.

PEOPLE reports that the beautiful Brit had body issues growing up but has grown to embrace her shape -- making her a great spokeswoman for the Dove Movement for Self-Esteem."I have never had a stick-thin model, size-zero body," Bedingfield said. "I definitely battled a lot of insecurities as a young girl."

While Bedingfield grew up to be not only stunning, but also a Grammy nominated star, the pressure only got worse. "The pressure on singers is 100-fold," Bedingfield said, "but I decided not to starve myself to try and fit into the mold." We're glad -- she looks amazing! Now she sees her curves as "womanly." Atta girl!

While some would argue that there's nothing more womanly that bearing children, Bedingfield isn't so quick to bite. "To even talk about having kids makes me hot," she told People. "I want to take off a layer of clothing. I already gave up a little freedom by getting married. I'm not really ready to give up that freedom yet."