Nate Ruess' first solo music video for the single "Nothing Without Love" was released yesterday (Feb. 23).

The singer has worn so many hats as his tenure as a musician so far. First, there was the vastly underrated indie band, the Format, that broke hearts everywhere when they announced their disbandment back in 2008. Then there was his commercially successful pop band, fun., and now Nate is branching out on his own as a solo artist. And with any artist comes a first single, which is typically accompanied by a first music video -- you can probably see where we're going with this.

The video starts off with shards of broken piano floating around and then Nate in a large body of water -- maybe a lake, perhaps the sea. He sings a capella, "I am nothing without love / I'm but a ship stuck in the sand / Some would say that I'm all alone / But I am / I'm nothing without love."

The video is pretty image-heavy, with a piano (the aforementioned shards in the water) bursting into flames, Nate struggling to walk through a crowd of people on a bustling bridge, Nate and his love interest embracing in a large field, Nate and his love interest lying in the middle of the street, Nate and his love interest swimming around underwater, etc. It's probably a giant metaphor for the different emotions that come along with being in love and, eventually, of being without it. From feeling suffocated to burning embers to not caring about whether people literally stampede you to death so long as you're with whoever you love.

Check out his video above and let us know what you think!