It’s going to be hard for future contestants to top Nathalie Hernandez’s performance on tonight’s episode of ‘The Voice.’ She blew the judges away with her soulful and charming delivery of Taylor Swift’s ‘White Horse.’ And here’s the best part: she’s only fifteen years old.

Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton were quick to hit their buzzers and turn their chairs around to watch her shine. Adam Levine turned around not long after. Not only were they impressed by her stunning vocals, but they also appreciated the young singer’s natural ability to connect with the audience.

“You have a unique ability to make people believe what you’re singing up there, and I’m impressed by that,” Shelton praised. Levine said, “You have a lot of people don’t have, which is that ability to connect.” And Aguilera was eager to add in her own heartfelt two cents: “The emotion that I got from your face … I felt like we had a connection … You seem like a storyteller, and I’d love to have you on my team.”

“This moment is so big for me – you all are just incredible…” Hernandez began, when it came time to choose her coach. “But I think I’m gonna go with Christina.”

Writing her first song at the ripe age of eleven, Hernandez has always had a strong passion for music. While her talent has been recognized locally, she’s ready to share her gift with the rest of the world as well. She missed her brother’s graduation and her own high school prom in order to audition for ‘The Voice,’ but she doesn’t regret a single thing that has brought her to this point.

“For a teenager, those are pretty big sacrifices – but I’m willing to give it up for this,” she said. We are too!