Eva Mendes shows off her healthy hair in a new Pantene Nature Fusion shampoo commercial that features the Colbie Caillat song 'Brighter Than the Sun.'

Caillat's song is summery and upbeat, with acoustic guitar and handclaps. The song plays in the background as Mendes tosses her hair around and introduces the new line of Pantene shampoos that are good for the environment.

"You want to make a healthy choice for your hair and a healthy choice for the planet?," the actress asks as the commercial begins. A voiceover informs viewers that Pantene's Nature Fusion makes weak hair stronger and comes in new bottle composed of 59% plant-based material. "Healthier hair, healthier planet. One small step at a time," Mendes says.

Written by Caillat with OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder, 'Brighter Than the Sun' appears on Caillat's latest studio album, 'All of You.' The song was released in May and has been slowly gaining traction. It now sits at No. 71, its highest position on the Billboard Hot 100 to date, and at No. 12 on the Adult Pop Songs chart.

Watch the Nature Fusion Commercial with Eva Mendes and the Colbie Caillat Song 'Brighter Than the Sun'