Naya Rivera proved you can go home again! The 'Glee' star appeared on the original 'The Arsenio Hall Show' 22 years ago and she made her return to the reboot of the show on Oct. 30.

Hall took us back in time and played a vintage clip of the star, acting all sassy, saying that she didn't want to get married when she gets older and talking about her career aspirations.

Well, Rivera is all grown up now and engaged to rapper Big Sean, so her attitude on the institution has changed. She sat on the couch with Hall again to talk about how her career goals shook out, as well.

She said that the clip made her feel "older than s--t" and Hall even showed her naked spread in Allure magazine, proving that she is indeed a big girl now.

But wasn't she cute as a button back in the dizzay?