Naya Rivera, who plays the confident, sexual and confidently sexual Santana Lopez on 'Glee,' was the guest mentor on tonight's (June 26) episode of 'The Glee Project.' The theme of the ep was sexuality, which is tricky, since it can be taboo or it can be overdone. It was certainly a challenge for some of the hopefuls, who are either sexually sheltered with little experience or who think that turning the knob too far is the only way to show sultriness. Rivera recognized this dilemma and told the contestants not to overdo it, saying, "To me, playing a sexual or sensual character is all about confidence. Less is more."

The 11 remaining contestants offered up their homework assignment, which was their dreamily harmonized version of hip-hop-du-wop crew Color Me Badd's butter-smooth, early '90s smash 'I Wanna Sex You Up.' Anyone remember that jam?

After the performance, Rivera told the uber adorable Blake, an obvious favorite to win a role on 'Glee,' that he had a great look and that demonstrating sexuality was not tough for him. She felt that his sexiest moments came when he was being playful.

Rivera also felt that resident pixie Nellie was nervous, and since she is a virgin, it made sense that it was hard for her to flaunt something she's not super familiar with.

Santana's alter ego chose Charlie as the homework assignment winner, because he beatboxed and she felt that beatboxing is sexy. Go figure.

During their one-on-one mentoring session, Rivera told Charlie that she thought his singing was very sexy. She warned him not to force it, all the while working on being himself and remaining contained. "Basically, act like you're a lion" was Rivera's key piece of advice.