'The Voice' will return to the tube for its second season on Feb. 5 after the SuperBowl. While that's just under three months away, NBC is getting a head start on ramping up excitement for the singing competition courtesy of a newly released promo spot that prominently features coaches Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera. It's only 30 seconds but it definitely set PopCrush's pulse racing for the second season of this ratings juggernaut. We are beyond psyched for season 2!

In a voice over, Shelton speaks about how the blind auditions make him feel. In his exaggerated Southern drawl, Shelton says, "It's like Christmas morning, sitting there with no idea what's about to happen on that stage behind you." We have to agree with Shelton; it is exciting! In her voice over, Xtina compares the anticipation of waiting to hear the first notes to the sensation of pins and needles. Coach Adam Levine says something about the essence of what 'The Voice' is but it's not super related to anything else going on in this blink-and-you'll-miss-it snippet.

Clearly, the coaches on 'The Voice' are just as affected by the anticipation and anxiety that comes with the show's formula -- thanks to the obscured view the coaches must deal with while listening to the voices of their potential team members.

Watch 'The Voice' Season 2 Promo