Ne-Yo is a successful producer, singer and songwriter, so he certainly has the experience and the room to offer his opinion and advice to first-ever 'X Factor' winner Melanie Amaro.

After the R&B star performed with Pitbull on the season finale, he spoke to reporters about Amaro's 'X Factor' win. Ne-Yo offered a word of warning to the singer, who will soon be swimming with the industry sharks, and we don't think Britney Spears will be too psyched when she finds out what Ne-Yo said.

"Make sure that you keep -- that big family that she has -- keep them close because they'll keep you grounded," he said, according to Digital Spy. "They'll keep your head right. Yes men, you'll get no points for those. See what they did to Britney. See what happens."

So, say "no" to "yes men," Mel!

The singer also said that it's crucial to remain surrounded by family in order to survive this nasty business. He said, "My sister calls me every day and tells me how ugly I am and it keeps my feet on the ground, absolutely."

There are some key words for Melanie Amaro to take or leave as she navigates the murky, post-win waters.