We haven't heard from Ne-Yo in a while, so you can imagine our excitement when this new track surfaced online. The ballad 'Gemini' has the Internet going nuts right now. No word on where this song will land, but it has all the ingredients to become a hit single.

'Gemini' is a lovely ballad as Ne-Yo sings about the good and bad sides of his female lover. "She’s a queen/ She's a nag / She’s a headache / More than a normal cat could ever take / But little momma fits me perfect / hand inside glove," he croons.

While Ne-Yo is no astrologer, he's certainly one of the smoothest artists in the R&B game. Hopefully, with this leak, it's a sign that a new album is on its way in 2012. In the meantime, Ne-Yo's been popping up on tracks with L.L. Cool J, Trey Songz and on Pitbull's 'Give Me Everything' -- perhaps you've heard it (a million times)?

As we previously reported, Ne-Yo is calling his new album 'The Cracks in Mr. Imperfect.' While we are not feeling the title, the song 'Gemini' is absolutely perfect.

Listen to Ne-Yo, 'Gemini'