Here's a dilemma that most men have when they are in a committed relationship. They get into a heated argument with their girlfriends and it's gets so bad that both parties are no longer speaking to each other. So what to do? Don't worry, we got the solution -- throw on Ne-Yo's tender ballad 'Make Up to Break Up.'

The Harvey Mason-produced song is the R&B balladeer's sincere apology to his woman after a heated disagreement. He sings, "This ain't right / We're bigger than this / Bigger than this stupid fight / Staying mad at me for eternity / What's that gonna fix / So baby can we try / 'Cause what we've got is so much bigger than this."

This is the perfect song to play for couples to squash any disagreements and rekindle their love affair. We don't have any idea if Ne-Yo will release this as a single but it has all of the earmarks of a radio hit.

As for his fifth album, the singer-songwriter is still working on it. "It’s coming together," he recently told the Wall Street Journal. "I just gotta make sure that it’s absolutely right. I decided with this album, let me just take it back to just being solely about the music. Listen to this music, and vibe to it, enjoy it, live your life to this music because that’s what it’s for."

Listen to Ne-Yo, 'Make Up to Break Up'