Today on Twitter, R&B crooner Ne-Yo tweeted that he would, in fact, be releasing a mixtape. While he did give a disclaimer that it may not be his best work, we wonder whether we'll cringe or be pleasantly surprised upon it's release. Demi Lovato took to her Twitter to address the media hub-bub surrounding the sticker she has on the back of her phone reading, 'Heroin killed the radio star.' Rapper Wale tweeted about his star-studded flight, which included Geoffrey the Banks' family butler from Fresh Prince! Soulja Boy told his followers that he would be going for a more professional look -- he's getting his face tattoos removed! Chris Brown tweeted a picture of himself monkeying around (literally) and Bruno Mars and his buddies did their best impression of a group of curled up shrimp. See what your favorite stars were chirping about today!