Ne-Yo and Pitbull gave it their well-dressed and fashionable all when performing their global smash dance hit 'Give Me Everything' at the 2011 VMAs. Big ups to Pitbull for not altering the lyric "I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan" tonight even though the "actress" is suing him, claiming that the defamatory reference is damaging to her career. We think the fact that Pitbull so generously referenced the troubled starlet in the lyrics was a huge favor to her and a career boost, because, really, what has she been in lately that's got people talking?

Pitbull, who said he was not slamming Lohan with the lyric, even invited her to be his date to the VMAs and said during his black carpet interview that he left tickets for her! Even if she stood him up, he still captured every eye in the building with this booty bumping performance.

Overall, Ne-Yo and Pit were smooth like butter when performing the song. They were a well-matched pair: Two sharp-dressed men with fabulous senses of style and expertly choreographed dance moves. Pitbull rocked the red pants like few can, too. Except maybe Justin Bieber, who also sported red pants.

We have to hand it to Ne-Yo, who has magic, Michael Jackson-like moves when he dances. He was gliding across that stage in some undoubtedly expensive shoes.

Watch Pitbull and Ne-Yo Perform 'Give Me Everything' at the 2011 MTV VMAs