In what may be considered an interesting R&B trifecta, Ne-Yo, Trey Songz and T-Pain team up on an auto-tuned ballad called 'The Way You Move." The trio each sing about a stripper that has mesmerized them with her seductive moves. "Shawty is so incredible / Body language she is a poet / She is so bad and what so sad is she doesn't know it," Ne-Yo sings about the exotic dancer.

Songz follows and admits to having no shame about dropping stacks on the stripper. "Mama I understand / When you do the things you do nobody else can / I know that you can get whatever from whatever, man / Baby do what's in your soul, it would be ashamed to see you go," he sings.

Finally, T-Pain tells the stripper that he's ready to put a ring on it. "The more I drink, the more you look more like wife material / If you are ready to ride with me girl here we go / You hit the stage and make the music stop / Then your booty go left cheek, right cheek / Girl, I love the way you move," he croons.

A ballad about an exotic dancer is not the most romantic thing in the world. This trio would have been better off singing to their significant others because, let's keep it real, strippers don't love their customers, they only love them for their money. 'The Way You Move' is set to appear on DJ Wonda's mixtape 'Tough Love,' which is due to the hit the Internet in a couple of weeks.

Listen to 'The Way You Move' Feat. Trey Songz and T-Pain