Utah's vibrant pop rockers Neon Trees performed 'Everybody Talks' on morning breakfast show TODAY on Wednesday (April 18.) The song, which appears on their new album 'Picture Show,' is buzzing louder than a crackling, live wire.

The colorful band -- check out those print and silver pants and terrific pompadours -- brought a healthy and hearty dose of alt pop to the TODAY show stage, complete with an interesting intro from Matt Lauer. If you weren't tapping your toes by the end of the performance, then you must not have ears or rhythmic sensibility, since this song invites you to dance around your living room. Like no one is watching, of course.

We love the way the guys dance and aren't afraid to embrace bright color with their stage attire. But behind that, they know how to deliver the hook of the chorus. We were singing "Everybody talks back" on repeat.

Be sure and nab a copy of 'Picture Show.' You won't regret it.

Watch Neon Trees Perform on TODAY