Neon Trees, who once had a hit with a song called '1983,' turn back the clock to that era on their new single 'Trust,' which features hints of new wave with a funky beat and wispy synth highlights accompanying a melodic pop arrangement.

A simple piano intro opens into a more retro vibe as Tyler Glenn sings about his trust issues: "Falling down can feel strange / No one remembers your name / You're losin' the game / That's the thing about trust / It's always the same / Sad story again / You lose all your friends / That's the thing about trust."

Glenn repeatedly shouts, "Don't lie to me when the pressure's on / You gotta have trust!" Based on the lyrics of 'Trust' and the band's current hit, 'Everybody Talks,' which deals with gossip and rumors, Glenn — or at least his character — seems to have serious issues connecting with other people. Fortunately, that kind of drama makes for quality songs.

'Trust' is a track from the band's upcoming album 'Picture Show,' which arrives on Apr. 17. The album also features 'Everybody Talks,' which continues to climb the charts, thanks in part to its appearance in a Buick Verano commercial. Look for the band to perform live on tonight's NewNowNext Awards.