Congratulations again to Neon Trees! The pop-rock quartet has won yet another round in our Sound Off series with their new single 'Everybody Talks.' The guys and girl from Utah beat out Fun.'s hit song 'We Are Young,' and today Neon Trees will take on the All-American Rejects and their brand-new single 'Beekeeper's Daughter,' which will appear on their forthcoming album 'Kids in the Street.'

As they exhibited with 'Animal,' Neon Trees have a penchant for creating infectious pop-rock tracks that make fans want to sing and dance along. This is the case with 'Everybody Talks,' which is a feel-good tune with a rising and falling tempo, as the verses take on a catchy, breezy tone with guitars and smoother vocals before moving into the heavier, rockin' chorus.

Likewise, the All-American Rejects have garnered a huge following over the years for their savvy pop-rock compositions. The band has another bonda fide hit with 'Beekeeper's Daughter,' which is a midtempo song that maintains some serious rock and roll flair while simultaneously appealing to pop fans.

So, would you prefer to have Neon Trees' 'Everybody Talks' bumping from your stereo, or is the All-American Rejects' new tune 'Beekeeper's Daughter' your new favorite jam? Vote for your favorite song below! The polls will be open throughout the weekend, and voting will end at 8AM EST on Jan. 23.

Listen to Neon Trees, 'Everybody Talks'

Listen to the All-American Rejects, 'Beekeeper's Daughter'

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Rules of ‘Sound Off’:
There’s only one rule for our ‘Sound Off’ series: If a song remains the reigning champ for five straight days, it is retired to PopCrush’s ‘Sound Off’ Hall of Fame. With tons of great tracks coming out everyday day, we have to give other artists a chance to win!