Australian duo Nervo, which consists of blond twin sisters Olivia and Miriam who are singers and songwriters as well as fashion models, will get busy tomorrow night on 'X Factor.' The duo will be featured as the house DJs for the performance episode airing tomorrow, Dec. 7 at 8PM ET. The sisters will perform with each contestant, as well.

How will Nervo work themselves in the performance with the final five? What will they sing with Rachel Crow and Melanie Amaro? How will the twosome join forces with Marcus Canty and Chris Rene? How will they team up with Josh Krajcik? It's going to be an exciting episode, that's for sure. The possibilities are endless.

Tune in and see who turns in the "can't miss" performance of the evening and who sees their performance kicked up a notch thanks to the assist from Nervo. It'll be interesting to see how these solo performers fare when having this new element introduced.