Coffee maker Nespresso believes you can have the world's best cafe in your own house with its line of home cappuccino machines. The company makes this argument in its new commercial featuring the Lana Del Rey song 'Blue Jeans.'

The ad begins in a cafe, where Del Rey's moody, slow song feels right at home. As viewers see artwork on the walls and a close-up of coffee cups on a table, a female voice says, "I found the best cafe in the world." She goes on to explain that the cafe is Nespresso, which provides machines that allow users to craft the perfect coffee beverage.

She adds that "clothing is optional" at this cafe, which becomes obvious when we see that the cafe is actually the woman's apartment. Covered in only a towel, the woman sips a taste of her homemade latte and smiles to show her satisfaction.

We don't hear Del Rey's voice in the commercial, since the portion of 'Blue Jeans' appearing the ad is instrumental. 'Blue Jeans' was the third single from Del Rey's debut album 'Born to Die' and failed to chart in the U.S., though it reached the Top 40 in the U.K.

Watch 2012 Nespresso Commercial Feat. Lana Del Rey's 'Blue Jeans'