Never Shout Never have a new album coming out called 'Time Travel,' featuring the lead single 'Simplistic Trance-Like Getaway,' which is now available on iTunes.

The song showcases a catchy pop-rock melody and Christofer Drew's dreamy vocals that recall Owl City's Adam Young. With an album title like 'Time Travel,' you can imagine that Drew spends a lot of time using his imagination to contemplate faraway lands and experiences. That's the case on this single, as he sings about running away to a less-complicated world:

"I've been thinking lately that I think too much, quite frankly / I just wanna get out this town and find a quiet place to be / A place where dreams do come true, a land made just for me and you / Let's just get out this town and find a quiet place to be."

Drew really starts to gush when he sings about his special someone: "You give me opportunity to recreate reality / Into a place where we are free to dance and sing eternally / You are the missing half of me, these moments turn to hours / Hours turn to days turn into weeks / Turn into months, turn into years / Turn into lifetimes with you, dear."

Wow, that's heavy! You almost want to tell the kid to slow down and enjoy the moment. Even though Never Shout Never may be dreaming a little too big on 'Simplistic Trance-Like Getaway,' it's a pleasant song that should have fans excited for the full album.

Listen to Never Shout Never, 'Simplistic Trance-Like Getaway'