Scotty McCreery's Season 10 win is still oven fresh, but it's already time for FOX to start ramping up excitement for Season 11 of 'American Idol.' The network has released a lively new promo featuring the judges and Ryan Seacrest, reminding us that the "Incredible Journey" begins on Jan. 22.

The minute-long promo spot starts with a dude strumming an acoustic guitar on a bench when Randy Jackson walks by and smiles. He does not say or mouth his fave vocab words "Yo" or "Dawg" or "In it to win it," either. He simply offers a smile with his super-bleached white teeth.

The diva that is J. Lo prances by in mile-high heels and a form-fitting white dress -- from her Kohl's collection, maybe? -- and she waves to girl group singing on the streets and flashes that maternal smile that made her the "nice" judge last season.

Steven Tyler waltzes past a garage band rocking out and beckons them to, um, walk this way!

Seacrest, the show's host, breezes by in an expensive suit, He and the Holy Trinity of judges converge in the street, with a mob of hopefuls trailing behind them as they arrive at the audition hall. Seacrest then asks, "Are you ready?"

We were born ready! Oh wait, he was talking about the possible contestants! Oops.

It's a minute of joy that allows us to forget, if but for 60 seconds, the dreams and hopes that are dashed and smashed during the first few phases of the show. Okay, maybe that's just us being pop culture cynics, so nevermind! The fun -- or as the promo specifies, 'The Incredibly Journey -- begins on Jan. 22 on FOX.

Watch the 'American Idol' Season 11 Promo