It'd be a dream enough to snag a night out with either Ben J or Legacy of the New Boyz, but what would you need to do to meet their moms? Not get too cozy on the first date, for starters. In the Boyz new track, 'Meet My Mom,' the guys lay out the criteria for gaining that special spot in their hearts -- and getting the stamp of approval from their old ladies.

"I might just let you meet my mom / You're no model, no liar, no cheater / That's why I'm taking you to meet her," Ben J and Legacy lay down in 'Meet My Mom,' a poppin' track from their brand new 'Too Cool to Care' album, which dropped May 17.

"Not just any girl, you know," Ben J tells PopCrush of which girls make it past the front door of his mom's house. "We can't just bring girls that we do one night stands with on the first date or whatever. Our moms are kind of, like, strict on the females. We finally met this one that we think we can let our moms meet; I'll let you meet my mom if you're the one."

So, what kind of resume must a girl have before she can get serious with these mama's boys? "I like a chill, swag girl that's really smart that can teach me a lot of things," Ben J reveals about his taste in women. "I want someone who can pick me up and tell me what I'm doing wrong and what I need to do right, that can really push me and stuff. I like a goofy girl, a girl that can have conversations. First impression is the most, she gotta be bad, she gotta be bomb, beautiful, whatever."

But there are a few big no-gos for the 19-year-old, who makes up half of the jerkin crew duo. "Bad breath -- no way," he admits. "There's a lot of cute girls that got bad breath and that's a no-no. Oh, but you gotta know how to cook, because I don't know how to cook for jack squat. I'm on the road all day and all we do is eat McDonalds and Taco Bell, and that's not cool to me."

The good news is, if you're the type of beautiful girl who can get a hot meal on the table and still have time to brush your teeth and teach a thing or two, you might make the cut to meet Ben J's mom. Fast food lovers need not apply.

Listen to New Boyz, 'Meet My Mom'