This prom-centric episode of ‘Glee’ features a literal prom-asaurus themed dance and a slew of females acting like the prom version of bridezillas. Dissatisfied with the original theme of castle in the clouds -- because that’s just plan dangerous, with clouds not being a proper support system and all -- and a prom committee which Brittany (Heather Morris) considers to be a “terrorist cell,” she comes up with a new theme: dinosaurs.

Brittany specifically focuses on the idea of unity between dinosaurs and cavemen, who she believes lived together. As such, the prom includes caveman nutrition such as berries and rainwater, and the gym is decorated in a prehistoric theme with dinosaur headed Cheerios singing the Kesha song ‘Dinosaur.’

Rachel (Lea Michele), Becky (Lauren Potter) and Quinn (Dianna Agron) could take a lesson from the dinosaur/caveman dynamic as each turn into prom-asaurs in their own right, learning individual lessons about the episode's theme: not giving up on your dreams and earning redemption, with Rachel having the most drastic turn around. In the episode open, she has a lengthy voice over about giving up on her dreams of stardom and deciding to live out of the spotlight with the rest of society because she choked during her NYADA audition. By the end of the episode, all that has changed as she dances with Finn and rescinds her earlier thoughts, thanks to Quinn’s selfless act, believing in dreams once more.

Becky has a similar happy ending, but doesn’t seem to have as much of a life changing progression. After not winning her assumed Prom Queen nomination, she storms around McKinley, letting her bad attitude get the best of her and leaving broken xylophones in her wake. At the anti-prom when Puck (Mark Salling) crowns them King and Queen she has a new lease on life, going to the real prom with a spring in her step. She doesn’t necessarily learn much, but it’s a definite attitude adjustment.

Finally, there is Quinn, who has the most redeeming storyline. The majority of the episode Quinn uses the fact that she is in a wheelchair to get votes from other students, so she can achieve her dream of winning Prom Queen. However, when the time actually comes the win feels flat and unearned, so she makes Rachel’s dreams come true instead.

There is plenty of growth in ‘Prom-asaurus’ (and dinosaurs) as the seniors get one step closer to graduation and their futures. With their new leases on life, they just might make it.