New Found Glory give a shout-out to those who have been dumped in 'Anthem for the Unwanted,' a track from their latest release, 'Radiosurgery.' The song is emo at its core, with singer Jordan Pundik desperately clinging to an obviously misguided hope that things can still work out with his ex.

He sings, "Bury me six feet under your bedroom, that's about as far as you could get / I knew that this would end when you packed me up and declared me for dead / You knew that I was a push over so you pushed me right over the edge / I must say you've never looked so good in black, but did you mean it? / What did you say as I walked out the door? / Did you want me back? / Did you want me?"

The pop-punk energy of 'Anthem for the Unwanted' recalls some of the veteran band's biggest hits, although that's a double-edged sword, because it also means that the group's sound hasn't evolved very much. It's catchy, but it is also sticking to the same formula New Found Glory have used over and over throughout the years.

'Anthem for the Unwanted' and the entire 'Radiosurgery' album were produced by Neal Avron, who worked on some of New Found Glory's best work in the early '00s.

Listen to New Found Glory, 'Anthem for the Unwanted'