Justin Bieber shared a snippet of a new song via a video on his Instagram feed while attending meetings with his manager Scooter Braun, who is clearly trying (and failing in epic fashion) to bust a move. Another snippet of a possible Biebs' song also landed on YouTube.

Regarding the Instagram video, at least we can tell that Braun loves the song, since he is doing an impression of producer Rodney Jerkins and dancing like a maniac and like no one is watching... 'cept for the Biebs' millions of followers.

In the song, Bieber sings about a roller coaster over an urban groove. Maybe he's on a roller coaster of emotion? Up. Down. Up. Down. We like the 15 seconds we heard.

The Biebs is rolling out new music every Monday -- he started with 'Heartbreaker' -- for the next few weeks. This is a little early tease, and maybe we will get more of it? Perhaps we will get the whole thing this Monday, Oct. 14? Or another Monday in the next nine weeks, since it's a 10 week rollout of new music. Who knows? He is keeping us on our toes.

Then there is a YouTube video of Bieber grooving to a new song that may be his.

Check them out below. The "roller coaster" song is in the Instagram clip. The other is in the YouTube clip.

See Justin Bieber Groove to a Snippet of a New Song