Someone should have warned NKOTB hottie Donnie Wahlberg that the cougars were on the prowl at the NKOTBSB show in Minneapolis on Friday. The question is, how many security guards does it take to pry a New Kid from a screaming fan's grip?

The boy band was performing 'Tonight,' enjoying their own business and entertaining a screaming crowd, when Don decided he was going to get a closer look at his adoring fans. He took to the seats to sing, but while he was among the fanatics, he was nabbed by an extra eager one who didn't want to let go.

The grabbing gets good from about a minute on in the video below, and as the footage proves, it takes about four security guards to pull the 41-year-old boy bander from the woman's claws. When soccer mom spots something she wants, soccer mom will stop at nothing to get it -- and in this case, she wanted the New Kid.

We suppose if you've got one shot to make your every dream come true, you'd better take it, so who can really blame her? Donnie Wahlberg, that's who.

See Donnie Wahlberg Get Attacked While Performing 'Tonight'