New Kids on the Block are coming back with a vengeance! Jordan, Jonathan, Joey, Donnie and Danny have released the track listing for their upcoming album '10' along with short clips of every song on the album.

Leaving the Backstreet Boys totally out of the equation this time around, NKOTB show a great range in the short snippets they offered off of '10.' They have ballads (durrr), upbeat club songs and some midtempo jams.

Currently, the guys are gearing up to go on The Package tour (AKA the ultimate boy band tour) along with Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees, in support of their sixth studio album and 10th overall release (hence the name). The Package tour will hit 28 cities between May and July. If there is a rash of fainting incidents across the U.S. this summer, don't blame the sun, blame these guys!

'10' Track Listing:

1. 'We Own Tonight'
2. 'Remix (I Like The)'
3. 'Take My Breath Away'
4. 'Wasted on You'
5. 'Fighting Gravity'
6. 'Miss You More'
7. 'The Whisper'
8. 'Jealous (Blue)'
9. 'Crash'
10. 'Back to Life'
11. 'Now or Never'
12. 'Survive You'
13. 'Block Party'

Listen to Clips of New Kids on the Block's '10'