Before you break out the Halloween candy, break out your iTunes gift cards and get your hands on all of the October 2011 new music releases, because there are plenty!

New for October, 'American Idol' cowboy Scotty McCreery will drop his debut album, 'Clear as Day,' and we can't wait to see whether or not his album holds up to his success.

On October 11, however, the pace will really speed up with the unveiling of Joe Jonas' 'Fast Life' solo album. Will he be able to stay afloat without Nick and Kevin? We'll have to wait and see. Oh, and speaking of 'American Idol' stars, Lauren Alaina will release her debut record that day, also.

Coldplay and Kelly Clarkson drop new albums on the 25th. From what we've heard of the Coldplay's latest -- ‘Every Teardrop is a Waterfall,' ‘Paradise' and 'Up in Flames' -- things are looking pretty good for their sales potential.

Stay tuned to, because we'll be passing out the list of October new music releases like candy corn, and you don't want to miss the sugar rush!

October 2011 New Music Releases:

October 4
New Found Glory, 'Radiosurgery'
Scotty McCreery, 'Clear as Day'

October 11
Evanescence, 'Evanescence'
Joe Jonas, 'Fast Life'
Lauren Alaina, 'Wildflower'

October 25
Coldplay, 'Mylo Xyloto'
Kelly Clarkson, 'Stronger'
Yelawolf, 'Radioactive'