Remember words? Here are 10:

1) sure
2) shore
3) share
4) chair
5) five
6) alive
7) tie-dyed
8) I
9) miss
10) grandma

Today (August 27), was like: "Who needs 'em!" and added these to our expanding lexicon:

1) cupcakery
2) rly (really!)
3) awesomesauce
4) bitch face
5) mic drop

Is there any chance you want to say "wine o'clock" as in, "Will this poison set in by wine o'clock?" You can, if you want to! Care to impress that special someone with mention of "rando" as in "Does that rando look like the type who would violently kneecap me for the right price?" As if I would stop you!

Let's consider, for a moment, your level of hunger. Is it mild? Moderate? Strong enough to hold back a goddamn river; to compel a swarm of enemy forces to finally concede and offer up their grain fields as prizes of war? Then you might just be "hangry," and why shouldn't you say so? Don't be shy—we're all friends here.

Stop shooting me that "bitch face," you "swole" "fur baby." I'm not trying to "manspread" this just because you're a "SJW" (social justice warrior). Did I use those correctly? Who cares—this is a gravity-free world, baby!

"Manic pixie dream girl" has also been added for film critic-specific endeavors, and you can learn more in a convenient video post. Let's get all "melty" at the "cat café" to celebrate!

What's your favorite abuse of the institution of complex communication? Share now!