September is here, which means it’s time to recap new songs on the radio for the beginning of fall. This month has some of the most highly anticipated music releases of the year, so we’re expecting some hot new tracks to hit the airwaves!

The Wanted started off this month with a bang already with their new single ‘I Found You.’ The new single, produced by Steve Mac, will be the first one off the band's new album. Since the track is getting so much hype already, we think this new single to be one of the fall's biggest hits!

Alicia Keys’ new single ‘Girl on Fire’ was a pretty popular track this summer, but will gain even bigger following with the newly released remixes. The 'Inferno’ remix features Nicki Minaj and is a little more fast paced than the somber ‘Blue Light’ remix. Though they both differ in tempo, we think fans will love both versions.

Alicia Keys isn't the only one with new remixes out this month. Lil' Wayne just released his new version of 'Mercy,' which also features Minaj, and thanks to the Harajuku Barbie, the song has already created a lot of controversy! Fans took to Twitter to express their ill feelings toward the Young Money queen when they heard her rap about voting for Mitt Romney this year. While it is unsure whether she was truly serious, the buzz surrounding this song may push it to the top of the charts.

Check out these new songs that will be hitting the airwaves in September 2012, and keep checking back to PopCrush as we’ll update this list throughout the month.

New Songs on the Radio - September 2012
The Wanted, 'I Found You'
Alicia Keys, 'Girl on Fire (Inferno Version),' feat. Nicki Minaj
Alicia Keys, 'Girl on Fire (Blue Light Version)'
Ludacris, 'Representing,' feat Kelly Rowland
Lil' Wayne, 'Mercy (remix),' feat Nicki Minaj
Rihanna, 'Cockiness (Love It)', feat. A$AP Rocky
Whiz Khalifa, 'Going Places,' feat. Mac Miller
Christina Aguilera, 'Your Body'
Kanye West and R.Kelly, 'To the World'
Nicki Minaj, 'The Boys' feat. Cassie
Cassie, 'Balcony,' feat. Young Jeezy
Pink, 'Here Comes the Weekend,' feat. Eminem
Ciara, 'Sophomore'
Kreayshawn, 'Twerkin!!,' feat. Diplo and Sissy Noby
Carly Rae Jepsen, 'This Kiss'
Cher Lloyd, 'Oath' feat. Becky G.
Rihanna, 'Diamonds'
Jenna Andrews, 'I Didn't Mean It'
Lana Del Ray, 'Ride'
Whitney Houston, 'I Look to You,' feat. R.Kelly
Ke$ha, 'Die Young'
Taylor Swift, 'Begin Again'
Wiz Khalifa, 'Remember You,' feat. The Weekend
No Doubt, 'Looking Hot', 'You and Me' feat. Justin Bieber
One Direction, 'Live While Were Young'
Drake, 'Where Were You, feat. Dawn Richards
T.I., 'Trap Back Jumpin''
Missy Elliott, 'Triple Threat'
Missy Elliott, '9th Inning'
J.Cole, 'I'm a Fool'
Kreayshawn, 'Left Ey3'