Here's a math problem for you. Take everything that critics say is wrong with Kesha: that she's a poor influence, that she talks instead of actually singing or rapping, that she abuses Auto-Tune, etc. Multiply it by 1,000. Subtract the self-awareness, songwriting ability, catchy hooks, humor and glitter. Multiply by Rebecca Black's 'Friday.' Add peroxide and panda-like eyeliner. Then multiply whatever you have left by two.

You now have, ladies and gentlemen, Double Take.

Double Take released their debut single on YouTube, 'Hot Problems,' to a firestorm of Internet flaming -- all of which is apparently deserved. The girls lament on how being hot is so difficult, because then people talk about you and assume you're a slut. They denounce and renounce wit, gyrate awkwardly and twirl their hair in the back of a limo. They give new meaning to the term "tone deaf" as they make Kafka turn in his grave with profundities like "We make mistakes and get in trouble / Now you know our hot girls' struggle." Bummer! We hear the situation in Darfur is also pretty inconvenient.

It's unclear whether or not the girls are intentionally trolling Internet users and are in on the joke or not, but the reactions they've garnered either way probably don't matter to them. At nearly 300,000 hits, the audio tripe is already earning advertising dollars for Double Take, at whom most wouldn't give a second glance on the street. The YouTube account that uploaded the clip has tried to maintain its distance from the group, posting a disclaimer: "Old Bailey Productions did not create any of the audio or lyrics for this video. We produced the video as a favor for a younger sibling of one of our friends."

In any case, Double Take have gone viral like herpes, which would probably be a more pleasant burning sensation than 'Hot Problems.' If you're into aural masochism and/or just really hate yourself, feel free to indulge in the clip below.

Watch Double Take, 'Hot Problems' Video