What's traditionally been regarded as an achievement for an artist might now come at a hefty cost. The NFL is reportedly asking Rihanna, Coldplay and Katy Perry to pay to perform at the 2015 Super Bowl Halftime Show.

According to ABC News Radio, the NFL narrowed down potential performers to the three artists listed above. However, ABC News reports that the Wall Street Journal claims when the NFL reached out to the possible acts, some of them were asked if they were willing to "contribute a portion of their post-Super Bowl tour income" or be willing to make another "financial contribution" if they played the famous show (quotes via ABC News).

Although playing the Super Bowl Halftime Show is a great means of publicity for any artist, sources allegedly told WSJ that the musicians' reps were not happy. An NFL spokeswoman reportedly told WSJ that the halftime show's agreements are confidential in the interest of putting on "the best possible show."

According to ABC News, 2014's halftime headliner, Bruno Mars, "drew a record 115.3 million." However this pans out, music fans can check out the Super Bowl Halftime Show on Feb. 1, 2015.