Are One Direction's Niall Horan and Little Mix's Jade Thirlwall becoming cozy together?

That's what thousands of Directioners and Mixers are asking on Twitter after a six second Vine video clip made its way on the Internet. The video, which shows Niall giving Jade a little flirty twirl, erupted on Twitter Sunday (May 31) morning, and caused the term "Niall and Jade" to trend on the social network.

While the video is pretty innocuous and doesn't suggest anything other than two people acting friendly, it hasn't stopped fans from running rampant with their own thoughts and theories.

If Niall indeed has his eyes set on a member of Little Mix, it wouldn't be the first One Direction-Little Mix union: former 1D member Zayn Malik began dating Little Mix's Perrie Edwards in 2012 while the girl group was being assembled on The X Factor.

Back in April, it was rumored that NIall was dating Melissa Anne Whitelaw after the two were spotted attending a Great Gatsby-themed charity party together. The two were also spotted holding hands and kissing in Australia earlier this year.

So has Niall moved on to Jade now? We can't say for certain if there's anything going on in that video that is more than friendly, so we'll avoid the full on freak out mode for now and call it what it is: two youngsters just having fun together.

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