One Direction have been the subject of a flurry of gossip surrounding their upcoming sophomore album. Niall Horan clarified the rumors, as well as dished on what's actually going down for the new record.Horan denied any and all reports about a first single called 'Heartbreaker,' telling MTV, "I read that on Twitter. It's not true at all," he said. "We actually don't even have a song called 'Heartbreaker.' That's not gonna happen."

That doesn't mean the guys aren't hard at work on their new album! "We've been recording already, actually," Horan said. "When we came back from Australia, we had a couple weeks off and then we went straight into the studio to get cracking on the next album."

"Cracking" is a term Horan appears to fancy, as he used it to describe the songs -- maybe it's similar to "poppin'" or "bangin'"? "We wrote an absolutely cracking song that we're all kind of very excited about," he gushed, "And then last week we were in L.A. and we had five days off the tour to record in L.A. so we recorded more there." Horan said the band is using most of July and August to "get the album done."

So if 'Heartbreaker' isn't the next single, what is? Horan wouldn't say, but he did admit they're working on picking one out. "Then obviously we've got to make a decision for a single soon, 'cause we have to get a single out towards September, I suppose," he said. "So obviously we don't have a date for that yet, so we're gonna have to start thinking, sitting down with the record label, sitting down with management, getting everyone's views. Obviously everyone was on the same page [last time]. It's usually not a struggle."

The lone Irishman in 1D then divulged the band's recording, marketing and writing process -- and if you thought One Direction were a manufactured set of adorable puppets, you'd be wrong. They're super hands on in everything that they do. "The way it works for us, I don't know how everyone else works but, people don't see the meetings that we do, the all-day meetings about the album and the way the songs are going to be even listed on the back of the album and album artwork," he said. "We want to have the most control that we possibly can of everything that we do," he admitted. "Like at the moment, I'm just proofreading the single artwork for the next single. They don't see that."

Niall also dishes on just how hectic their recording and touring schedule is -- and how he plans to spend his time off. Maybe he can squeeze in a date with crush Demi Lovato!

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