As many One Direction fans know, Niall Horan, who turns 19 today (Sept. 13), really, really loves to dance. The lone Irishman of 1D is always busting a move, whether it's during performances or getting pumped in his dressing room. The hilarious blond boy bander is so cute, and the fact that he has the urge to dance at all times just makes us love him that much more. 

After watching Niall for a while now, we've come to the conclusion that he is an amazing booty shaker. He can definitely bounce with the best of 'em, and the hip rolls and pelvic thrusts that he is known to throw out there have Directioners lusting after him from the audience. Horan also does a mean macarena, which is funny considering the song was released when Horan was just a baby.

Happy birthday, Niall! We love you and your dance moves! Check out these awesome Niall Horan GIFs of the One Direction star breaking it down, and leave a comment below wishing him a happy 19th birthday!