One Direction's Niall Horan was photographed with his rumored girlfriend Melissa Anne Whitelaw, so Directioners did what all good fan bases do in these situations and made it trend on Twitter.

As Directioners bemoaned Niall's relationship status, they quickly trended "Niall and Melissa." And, in typical One Direction fandom form, they had us cracking up (and silently weeping) with their spot-on reactions.

The snaps, which are from an April 16 Great Gatsby–themed charity ball hosted by Liam Payne and Trekstock, also show Louis Tomlinson looking rather dapper.

As the Directioners pointed out, there's a lot of freakout-worthy moments here. First, there's the quasi-confirmation that Niall and Melissa are together. (The photos, which aren't particularly incriminating, can be seen over at Sugarscape.) Then there's the fact that 3/5 of the band were spotted in suits (*swoon*) and Zayn Malik's potentially rocking some nose bling. Busy, busy day. Noticeably absent from all of the excitement was Harry Styles.

Niall and Melissa were spotted kissing in Australia earlier this year, soon after which they were seen holding hands. (Naturally, Directioners trended "Niall and Melissa" in that instance as well.)

Back in December, Niall explained that it's hard to have platonic relationships with female friends, saying, “Yeah, it can be frustrating sometimes. We can’t really have friends who are girls if I’m being honest, but you know, people have a job to do. Let them write what they want, I suppose."

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