A video has emerged of Niall Horan holding hands with his new rumored girlfriend Melissa Whitelaw and One Direction fans have freaked the freak out.

According to Directioners, the video in question (which you can check out above) was taken in November after the ARIAS. The sweet vid appears to show Niall and Melissa walking and holding hands as he almost twirls her around. (Such a gentleman, Niall Horan.) The only problem (besides the fact that it's a One Direction member having a girlfriend)? Some fans are claiming that Melissa had a boyfriend at the time. Hmmm.

"Niall and Melissa" has been a steady trending topic as of late, especially after the two were reportedly caught kissing at a casino in Australia over the Valentine's Day weekend. While the Daily Mail reports that some One Direction fans have already bombarded Niall's rumored Aussie girlfriend with death threats, we (fortunately!) haven't seen any threats of violence ourselves. That being said, the fan reactions have been pretty varied -- with a select few actually shipping the pair, some hating the rumored couple and others just desperate to get the discussion off their timelines.

We've compiled some fan reactions below:

Directioners, what do you think of Niall Horan and Melissa Whitelaw? Do you believe they're dating? Think they're a cute couple? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!

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