"Everywhere you look, there are kids scavenging through the rubbish," One Direction member Niall Horan observed in his adorbs Irish accent for a new Red Nose Day video.

He and Tomlinson followed two boys, 12-year-old Idris and 15-year-old Sulle, for a day. The two boys yearn for an education, but instead struggle to make a living from collecting trash.

"This is their job. They find wires, they burn the wires, they get copper out of that, they sell the copper ... they make from 70 pence a day to three pounds at the most," he explained. (That amounts to about $1.05 to $4.51 -- less than a typical trip to Starbucks for most of us.)

While Tomlinson was sympathetically matter-of-fact, Horan was angry at the conditions. "No one deserves this," he snapped. "This is absolutely horrendous," he said looking around the landfill. "There is literally -- you name it, it's in here, from human feces to syringes, and it's just swamp. Idris is walking around in a pair of flip flops, he's got massive cuts on his feet. Sulle has got burns all over his hands," he fumed. "It's absolutely ridiculous."

The boys followed Sulle and Idris around for an entire day and were clearly moved and disturbed by what they witnessed. Between Horan and Tomlinson's trip, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne's heartbreaking hospital visits, the band have undoubtedly raised quite a bit of awareness of poverty for Red Nose Day. You can click here to donate to the cause!