The well-coiffed Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction sat down to read fan fiction with Greg James of the BBC Radio1. It's hilarious, as they act out fan-created stories, delivering the lines with impassioned inflections.

James asked fans to write about how they envisioned his interview with Niall and Louis would go down. The boys were good sports, playing along and giggling as they read and busted James' chops.

One of the, uh, "authors" called Horan the "flaxen-haired Irishman" and referred to Louis as the "silly-haired Northerner" of the band.

Tomlinson really could pursue a career in comedy. He knows how to have fun with these types of things. Horan was equally as playful.

There are tales of wet shiftlessness and poor punctuation.

James wrote fan fiction on himself, Niall and Louis getting older, so they act it out as 80-year-old retirees. It made us think that he is a huge Directioner, too.

We really can't say anything else. Watch and giggle at Niall's Hawaiian shirt and Louis' pearls as they pretend like they are octogenarians. It makes you think twice about the concept of living while you're young.